• Stanton DeFreitas Is An International Businessman

  • Posted on July 11, 2015
  • Stanton DeFreitas is a native of Canada and is proud to say so, but he also considers himself a citizen of the world. Being a part of a global community means treating people from every country and community as if they were your neighbors. Being a citizen of the world means carefully considering your role in the global community and doing your best to facilitate understanding between different people, no matter the situation.

    Stanton DeFreitas is an international businessman who has significant experience working with companies from all over the globe. He has a keen understanding of the differences in cultural interactions all over the world and how to deal with them. Stanton DeFreitas knows that understanding the local culture means gaining greater insight into that company and its staff or leadership.

    Stanton DeFreitas is also of Caribbean heritage and is pleased to be able to celebrate that heritage as often as possible. He was born and raised in Scarborough, in Toronto's East End, a neighborhood known for its diversity and cultural variety. His upbringing taught him to be appreciative of different cultures and to expand his knowledge.

    Stanton DeFreitas has always aspired to write on subjects of international importance. This includes being able to elucidate for his readers issues like world travel, international sport, world events, and health and wellness issues.  He believes that he could make a real connection with readers that would allow him to explain the benefit of grappling with these issues.

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